Ramen came originally from China, but had unique development and changed dramatically in Japan. It is now an important part of Japanese food culture.

Ramen is noodle soup. The broth is made of meat, fish, seaweeds, and/or vegetables. Then, as soup, it is flavoured with Miso (soy paste), soy sauce, or salt. As well as soup, there are a variety of noodles. In order to make a good Ramen, the best combination of soup and nooldes are carefully selected.


Japanese love Ramen. It is one of the Japan’s „soul foods“. For Ramen funs, distance does not matter. People drives even two hours to have just a portion of Ramen of their favourite restaurant.


Japanese go either to a restaurant or a stand. No matter how it is, all they want is a portion of delicious Ramen.