Ramen jun

Master Jun is a highly respected Ramen chef in Japan.

His restaurant in Tokyo was recently praised as one of the „Top 10 Ramen shops“ of the capital city. His Ramen is something more than just a noodle soup. He makes the Japan’s national meal to unforgetable culinary delights.


In Japan, Jun is famous for his excellent Ramen, which he cooks with the best care and affection. His motto in the kitchen is „一麺入魂“ (Ichimen-Nyukon), which means in English, we give all our soul and energy for a potion of Ramen.  So that all of us never forget this spirit, it is printed on the back side of our staffs’ T-Shirts.


Jun’ hometown Tsubame Sanjo is widely known for hand-made production of masterworks, for example, cupper wares, iron wares, and wooden chopsticks. It is no coincidence that Master Jun is from the region.


Now, Jun delivers his outstanding Ramen from Tsubame Sanjo to us in Frankfurt. Germany is a respected country among Japanese, and that is why Master Jun wanted to start his global expansion from the Main Metropole.